Archives for July 2016

Where Djune Came From

My life has been kind of odd and downright painful from the very beginning, but right now I’m truly enjoying a stretch of peace. I’m broke. I live with my two grown offspring and two large dogs. Here’s where I come from. By merging our finances a bit, we were able to buy a decent house together. Our furniture is kind of college dorm stuff, but we’ll upgrade as soon as the IRS quits taking… Read More

Green Spaces

26 May 2016 Green Spaces Today my family and I are blessed to live in a city that has learned from the past and has incorporated green spaces into its very fiber. When I was a child (during the Dinosaur Age, as my kiddos like to call it), my family lived in Dallas Texas. Texas is a magnificent state in many ways, but eco-consciousness had not caught on there in the 1960s. Visiting the downtown… Read More

Coping Hints for Hot Days

The calendar turns over another page and suddenly we’re three weeks from the first day of summer. Here in the Denver area we’re expecting our first ninety degree day next week. Then my little family starts relearning the coping hints we use for hot days every year. Not one of the three of us (four, if you include Bratty Puppy) is heat tolerant. Nor do we particularly love the snow. We all have a temperature… Read More