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How Dogs Make Depression Easier to Handle

Hi folks! Upon awakening this morning, I found an old enemy of mine hovering around, trying to get back into my life. I’m talking about depression. I’ve fought depression for many years. I still get to slap it around now and then. Thankfully, depression and dogs don’t go together usually. Our dogs, in fact, make depression easier to handle. Here is why. One of the biggest helps against depression is good health. If I’m eating… Read More

Hatred of Behavior vs Hatred of People

“I hate you! Hate you! Hate you!” The deacon’s daughter was expressing her feelings to her father with gusto and high pitched fervor just before church services one day. He glanced at her idly and continued to set up a decorative display for the upcoming Holy Week. The histrionic performance of the five-year-old girl, and her father’s determination to ignore it, gave me a grieving concern for her future. Hate the Behavior I know most… Read More

We Lost Our Home to Fire

When I was born, and for many years after my birth, my paternal grandparents lived on a beautiful little farm in East Texas. This was the place where my Dad and his siblings had all been born and raised in a tiny little farmhouse without electricity or running water. To my memory, it was a magical place. Beautiful trees, chickens and various animals, and an old barn which was labelled off-limits to us children –… Read More