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Select Your Recipes Then Set Up Your Pantry

Getting Past Burn Out Like a lot of people, I have a love-hate relationship with my kitchen. I want to share the way I’m trying — emphasis on trying — to lose the hate part. Over the course of a more than 30 year marriage, I cooked probably more than two thousand meals of various types. Once the marriage ended, I just didn’t want to apply myself that much. My physical and mental health are… Read More

Build a Budget and Regain Control of Your Finances

Why I Like to Use a Budget Recently I realized that I was backsliding into old, dangerous financial habits that were hurting my budget, money, finances. I needed to regain control of my financial situation. Unfortunately, I receive a fixed income that is pretty low. Also, I live in an area that is not exactly the cheapest in the United States. So a carefully created budget is a must. Now I know there are a… Read More