Safety and Convenience in Your Kitchen

Set Work Spaces for Safety and Convenience Promote both your safety and your convenience in your kitchen. Set up your work areas to accommodate your height and your reach.  This should be done only if, of course, you are the main cook! Always before now, I have been the main cook, producing a full meal most evenings. Usually, I was able to produce enough so that we could all have leftovers for lunch the next… Read More

How to Build Joy into a Dull Lifeless Marriage and Family

DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional therapist or counselor. I am simply passing along advice that has worked for me in the past. I have been a part of four different family situations, some more successful than others. Maturity has helped me develop insights that totally escaped me in the earlier part of my life. I hope these can reach and teach those who can learn earlier than I did! HOW TO BUILD JOY INTO… Read More

Why Should You Study Homemaking?

Be a Good Homemaker Being a good homemaker means taking the best care of those in your household that you can muster — including yourself. You also should use good stewardship of all that you have been given — financial means, physical possessions, and mental abilities. Old Assumptions No Longer Work There used to be an odd set of assumptions in our culture. These assumptions included the belief that if you were a female, you… Read More

Seek Good Instruction

How and Why to Seek Good Instruction One way you, the homemaker, can stay motivated is to seek good instruction in the ways of running your household. To put it another way, you should be looking for ways to build the knowledge and skills necessary to accomplish things. What things? Well, take a look at your goals in homemaking, such as saving and making money. What kind of learning and skills will help you save… Read More

Make Your Hobby a Stress Reliever

How to Make Your Hobby a Stress Reliever Being careful of your choice of hobbies can make the difference between the hobby being a stress reliever, or its being a budgetary burden. In fact, if you’re careful in your choice of hobbies, you should be able to save money or, even, make some money with your products. Make Your Hobby a Productive One Being careful of your choice of hobbies can make the difference between… Read More

Celebrations, Family, Friends

 Celebrations: Blowouts or Cozy? My favorite fun times throughout the year have always been cozy celebrations shared with my family and friends. They’ve involved moderate preparations, moderate costs and major amounts of fun. In this country, though,  many people can’t seem to do anything at a moderate level. Want to talk real football? You’ve gotta be talking about the Super Bowl! Want to discuss a nice holiday celebration? Let’s plan a blowout Christmas party with… Read More

Select Your Recipes Then Set Up Your Pantry

Getting Past Burn Out Like a lot of people, I have a love-hate relationship with my kitchen. I want to share the way I’m trying — emphasis on trying — to lose the hate part. Over the course of a more than 30 year marriage, I cooked probably more than two thousand meals of various types. Once the marriage ended, I just didn’t want to apply myself that much. My physical and mental health are… Read More

Build a Budget and Regain Control of Your Finances

Why I Like to Use a Budget Recently I realized that I was backsliding into old, dangerous financial habits that were hurting my budget, money, finances. I needed to regain control of my financial situation. Unfortunately, I receive a fixed income that is pretty low. Also, I live in an area that is not exactly the cheapest in the United States. So a carefully created budget is a must. Now I know there are a… Read More

Keeping a Pantry

  Keeping a pantry is old hat to me. Do you keep a pantry in your home? I asked one person that question and the rather startled response was that she thought a pantry was a room and how do you get rid of a room if you didn’t want to keep it? The definition of pantry in Webster’s is “a small room or closet off the kitchen where food and dishes are stored”, so… Read More

The Princess Brat: An Introduction

A Joy After Loss This past Christmas was a lovely time of rejoicing, but it also brought a painfully sad reminder. The Christmas before, my younger daughter’s beloved puppy began a fast painful slide into leaving us. She was a beagle-lab mix, a beautiful black and white charmer, who suddenly developed pancreatitis. Pancreatitis is a horrible disease which can only be stopped if diagnosed in time. Somehow it didn’t show in the first tests and… Read More