Why Should You Study Homemaking?

Be a Good Homemaker Being a good homemaker means taking the best care of those in your household that you can muster — including yourself. You also should use good stewardship of all that you have been given — financial means, physical possessions, and mental abilities. Old Assumptions No Longer Work There used to be an odd set of assumptions in our culture. These assumptions included the belief that if you were a female, you… Read More

Seek Good Instruction

How and Why to Seek Good Instruction One way you, the homemaker, can stay motivated is to seek good instruction in the ways of running your household. To put it another way, you should be looking for ways to build the knowledge and skills necessary to accomplish things. What things? Well, take a look at your goals in homemaking, such as saving and making money. What kind of learning and skills will help you save… Read More