Celebrations, Family, Friends

 Celebrations: Blowouts or Cozy? My favorite fun times throughout the year have always been cozy celebrations shared with my family and friends. They’ve involved moderate preparations, moderate costs and major amounts of fun. In this country, though,  many people can’t seem to do anything at a moderate level. Want to talk real football? You’ve gotta be talking about the Super Bowl! Want to discuss a nice holiday celebration? Let’s plan a blowout Christmas party with… Read More

Using Kaizen to Reach Your Goals

Kaizen is a Japanese word that simply means “change for the better” or “improvement”. It is used for the name of a productivity tool which was originally introduced to the West in a book named Kaizen, the Key to Japan’s Competitive Success, written by a man named Masaaki Imai. As described in the book, kaizen is actually the process of continual improvements, made in small steps, which eventually result in much greater productivity. The idea… Read More