Loving Our Bratty Dogs

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Our household consists of three more-or-less adult people and two bratty dogs. I’ve mentioned the Bratty Puppy (B.P.) before, but I want to introduce you to the Head Brat (H.B.). Head Brat is a labradoodle that also came from the Humane Society up north.

We brought him home when he was approximately one year old. He had the charming habits of climbing on the nearest table to survey his surroundings, eating complete loaves of bread (including most of the wrappers), and snacking on quarter-pound bars of butter left outside the refrigerator and lower than the room’s ceiling. Seriously, the dog could jump like a grasshopper!

How could we not love him!

Head Brat Saves the Day

Actually, the first weekend we had him we went camping up north in a state park. We took two vehicles. I was in an old RV we owned at the time and the younger two were in a van.

In the middle of the night a crew of two men and one woman in a boat-hauling pickup truck pulled into the next campsite and proceeded to party.

It was three in the morning and they thought they were going to own the campground. Laughing loudly, pouring various liquors into their mouths until the mess ran down their fronts, playing raucous music loudly and dancing like loons for a couple of hours – immature and discourteous as they were, we ignored it.

That is, we ignored it until one of the young men approached the van and began to peer in, looking, as he said to his companion, for something fun or worth pawning. What was in there was my two sleeping daughters.

Our H.B. lit off barking and baying like a pack of hounds hungry for blood. The young man zipped back to his own camp, while I stood up with a metal tube in my right hand.

I was wearing my best “Don’t Mess with My Kids” look.

After that, H.B. was a grand favorite of mine.

Head Brat Ages Well

We’ve had him for twelve years and he’s still a bratty dog, although we’ve taught him to stay out of the kitchen and off of the table. He still adores bread, but it doesn’t sit well with his digestive system, so it’s a rare treat. In many ways, though, we spoil him rotten. He is a well-loved member of our family.

His only objection to our family is that we had the temerity to bring B.P. home and let him join us too. He really objects to sharing his family with this young bumptious upstart!

What he doesn’t realize is that his previous “big brother” felt the same about him when we brought H.B. home. In fact, Head Brat was the previous Bratty Puppy.

Bratty Dogs Make a Circle of Love in Our Family

A well-known children’s cartoon movie refers to “the circle of life”. For this family, it’s more like “the circle of love”. We love them and they love us.

We’re very grateful for their companionship for as long as we’re allowed to be a part of their lives.