Musical Treats

Trombonists in band uniforms playing music.

When I was in the fifth grade, my parents took me to a school meeting one night. My siblings were left with a neighbor. All of this was so unusual. My Dad often worked fourteen hour days, and my Mom didn’t drive. As for using a babysitter, that was unheard of. But there we were, with a large (for our small country school) crowd. We gathered in the lunchroom, where folding chairs were set up… Read More

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A Perfect August Day – Keeping Cool!

Colorado mountain stream

Oh wow! It’s ninety-nine degrees in the Mile-High City today and I have a rare hankering to go up in the mountains, just to keep cool. I won’t, though, because of allergies and because of a horrible discomfort with mountain driving. Not just my mountain driving, mind you, but the mountain driving of others who are not practiced at it and who are unaware of the laws and practices that make mountain driving safer. It’s… Read More

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Type 2 Diabetes Lite?

Type 2 diabetes prescription, blood sugar meter

Blood Sugar Test Results About nine or ten years ago, my kitchen phone rang loudly at about 8:30 p.m. I was startled to hear my doctor’s voice on the line at that time of the night. I had just seen him the day before for a checkup. It turned out he had just gotten my blood test results. My blood sugar was at 792 mg/dl. A normal blood sugar count is between 70 and 99 mg/dl.… Read More

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Using Kaizen to Reach Your Goals

people thinking and planning steps to reach goals

Kaizen is a Japanese word that simply means “change for the better” or “improvement”. It is used for the name of a productivity tool which was originally introduced to the West in a book named Kaizen, the Key to Japan’s Competitive Success, written by a man named Masaaki Imai. As described in the book, kaizen is actually the process of continual improvements, made in small steps, which eventually result in much greater productivity. The idea… Read More

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Depression and Dogs

two large yellow labradors sitting pretty in a field

Hi folks! Upon awakening this morning, I found an old enemy of mine hovering around, trying to get back into my life. I’m talking about depression. I’ve fought depression for many years. I still get to slap it around now and then. Thankfully, depression and dogs don’t go together usually. Here is why. One of the biggest helps against depression is good health. If I’m eating well, getting some fresh air and sunshine daily, and… Read More

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Hatred of Behavior vs Hatred of People

“I hate you! Hate you! Hate you!” The deacon’s daughter was expressing her feelings to her father with gusto and high pitched fervor just before church services one day. He glanced at her idly and continued to set up a decorative display for the upcoming Holy Week. The histrionic performance of the five-year-old girl, and her father’s determination to ignore it, gave me a grieving concern for her future. Hate the Behavior I know most… Read More

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We Lost Our Home to Fire

firefighter fighting a wall of flame

When I was born, and for many years after my birth, my paternal grandparents lived on a beautiful little farm in East Texas. This was the place where my Dad and his siblings had all been born and raised in a tiny little farmhouse without electricity or running water. To my memory, it was a magical place. Beautiful trees, chickens and various animals, and an old barn which was labelled off-limits to us children –… Read More

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Breakfast Mediterranean-Style

6 June 2016 The word “breakfast” can bring contention and irritation to almost any person’s mind, especially if it’s connected to the words “selecting” and “preparing”. Our current culture of running our lives by the clock causes hurry and distraction in the mornings, and selecting breakfast dishes to prepare and then actually preparing them seems impossible. Our breakfasts – when we have breakfast – tend to be much the same. We have them because that’s… Read More

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Where Djune Came From

My life has been kind of odd and downright painful from the very beginning, but right now I’m truly enjoying a stretch of peace. I’m broke. I live with my two grown offspring and two large dogs. Here’s where I come from. By merging our finances a bit, we were able to buy a decent house together. Our furniture is kind of college dorm stuff, but we’ll upgrade as soon as the IRS quits taking… Read More

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Green Spaces

26 May 2016 Green Spaces Today my family and I are blessed to live in a city that has learned from the past and has incorporated green spaces into its very fiber. When I was a child (during the Dinosaur Age, as my kiddos like to call it), my family lived in Dallas Texas. Texas is a magnificent state in many ways, but eco-consciousness had not caught on there in the 1960s. Visiting the downtown… Read More

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